Stay/ Accomodation

Not Operational Yet

Amba Retreat is a homestay facility. It is not operational yet. We expect it to be operational by the end of December 2020 (in about 13 months time). It is equipped with only two guest rooms on the ground floor. Our acharya (teacher) couple live on the first floor. 

This compact yet cosy facility is nestled amidst pristine oak and rhododendron forests. The altitude is about 6500 feet above sea level. The climate is cool and pleasant. The air is fresh and crisp. There is zero pollution - air, water and noise.

Following are the amenities:


  • Guest Rooms - Two
  • Yoga/ Meditation/ Prayer Hall
  • A library containing books on spirituality, religion, yoga, meditation and philosophy
  • Pantry/ Kitchenette in each guest room
  • Service kitchen and wash area
  • You can purchase provisions like fresh bread, jam, tea bags, milk, etc.
  • You can order fresh vegetarian food to be supplied from nearby 

What Activities Amba Retreat Encourages you Do

  • Get up early in the morning
  • Go for a brisk and rejuvenating walks
  • Learn/ Practice yoga (teaching subject to availability, please check and confirm in advance)
  • Learn/ Practice meditation (teaching subject to availability, please check and confirm in advance)
  • Sit in the open deck and soak in the glorious, 180 degrees Himalayan snowcapped peaks (visible on clear days during October to May)
  • Read a book with a cup of coffee sitting in the spacious open deck overlooking the valley
  • Go bird watching
  • Spot the hundreds of varieties of butterflies
  • Trek in the forests identifying rare trees and plant species

What Activities are Prohibited

  • Consumption of nonvegetarian food - we don't serve it nor are guests permitted to get from outside and eat on the premises
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs and Narcotic Substances

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