India has produced great spiritual masters for thousands of years. This page lists posts providing brief life sketches of the various great masters of India. 

The posts are not in any particular order. The first few masters are who I have met in my life. The rest I have listed at random.

As much as India has contributed to the spiritual evolution and esoteric knowledge it also produces a great number of frauds. These false godmen take the innocent spiritual seekers on a ride - both Indian and foreign. Extreme cases of demand, extortion, illegal confinement and rape are not uncommon. Please beware of the fakes. I will write about how to differentiate between true gurus and counterfeits in posts later.

The gurus about whom I write here who I know and honestly believe are enlightened masters. I might have missed a few or might be adding them in the future. But I have consciously endeavoured to avoid controversial and suspect gurus even though popular.

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When Lived
Place Lived
Path Followed
1879 - 1950
Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India
Jnana/ Wisdom
???? - 1918
Shirdi, Maharashtra, India
Bhakti and Jnana

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